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Virat Kohli: Meeting AR Rahman has taught me about success and humility

The Indian cricket star will sing the official anthem of Premier Fustal, a track composed by the Mozart of Madras.

Mayur Lookhar

In cricketing parlance, this would be akin to batting on a sticky wicket. But fighter that he is, India's Test captain Virat Kohli does not shy away from a challenge. However, this innings will be played on a completely different field.

Virat Kohli is all set to have his first brush with singing by lending his voice to the official anthem of Premier Futsal, of which he is a brand ambassador. The anthem, ‘Naam hai futsal’, has been composed by AR Rahman. 

The Mozart of Madras said he and Kohli have been working for a week on the song and he would try to make it easier for the cricket star. Kohli's portion in the song will have him rapping.

The cricketer picked Arijit Singh as his favourite singer but confessed to being an average singer himself. "Since I’m going to be singing only rap bits and nothing too complex, there shouldn’t be too many issues, I hope. But I still prefer the bat to the microphone!” Kohli told a press conference.

The batsman, who was in top form throughout the recently concluded ninth season of the Indian Premier League, confessed to being a huge fan of Rahman and said he and other Indian cricketers often listened to the musician's Vande Mataram version. Kohli said he got goosebumps whenever he listened to the song.

On the cricket field, Virat Kohli has an aggressive persona, which is often misconstrued as arrogance. But meeting the reticent Rahman had a calming effect on him. "Just meeting him for a few minutes has taught me about his success: the higher you go, the more humble you have to be. That’s my takeaway from this meeting,” said Kohli.

Futsal is a new sport for Indian audiences and Kohli’s presence as brand ambassador is expected to help get it noticed. The cricketer is no stranger to tinsel town as he is dating actress Anushka Sharma.