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After Kriti, it's BOB! Nepalese film is taken down for copyright violation

Shirish Kunder had sent a legal notice to Aneel Neupane over his allegations on the copyright of Kunder's film, Kriti. As of today, both films have been taken down from YouTube while the filmmakers prepare for a legal battle. 

Shriram Iyengar

Just when Shirish Kunder's Kriti, starring Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma, was receiving good reviews came news of the story having been plagiarised. Nepalese filmmaker Anil Neupane accused Kunder of copying the plot for Kriti from Neupane's film, BOB. 

YouTube took down Kunder's film when the allegations surfaced. This came as a blow to the filmmaker. 

On his part, Kunder denied the claims and sent Neupane a legal notice demanding an apology. Kunder's legal team also warned Neupane against making any comments in the media about the film.  

As of now, BOB has also been taken down from YouTube. The link to the film now cites 'copyright infringement' as a reason for the removal.

Advocate Rizwan Siddiquee, who represents Kunder and Muvizz.com, said, "The film BOB was removed from YouTube last night because of objections from my clients. It is obvious that no case of plagiarism is made out against my clients as was alleged by Mr Aneel Neupane. Currently my client's film Kriti is being exhibited on Muvizz.com."

The controversy has proved beneficial for Kunder's film, as it hit the top Twitter trend with the hashtag #KritiSeeksTruth. Kunder's team alleges that Neupane and his team are seeking mileage from this controversy.

Kunder's team has suggested that a plea to reinstating Kriti on YouTube has been made, but till then the film will be available to fans on Muvizz.com. 

Neupane and his team have not made any comment after their film was taken down. The main question is how they will approach Kunder's legal notice. 

The only thing certain is that this is going to be another drawn-out legal battle.