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Why does Priyanka Chopra hate the word Bollywood?

The Baywatch star admitted that she disliked the term used to describe 'one of the most prolific producers of films' in the world. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is scaling new heights with every passing day. The Bajirao Mastani star, who is fast becoming one the hottest cover girls in America, will now appear on the cover of InStyle magazine looking as dazzling as ever. But what caught our eye was her quote about the Indian film industry. 

On being asked a question about her career in 'Bollywood', Priyanka answered, "I don't like the word, because we're not a miniature Hollywood." She added, "We are the Indian film industry, one of the most prolific producers in the world...It's a ginormous business." Priyanka has become a well known face in Hollywood circles with roles in the next Baywatch film, and her television series, Quantico. 

Speaking about her presence on the other side of the Atlantic, she said, "We are artists, people who know our jobs," she says. "You can put me in front of a camera anywhere in the world and I'll hit my mark and say my lines and give the director what he wants." If there was any doubt about her skills, she banished it by saying, "I can break out into song and dance as well. I'm kick-ass at that too. That makes me a triple threat, not a stereotype." 

For once, it certainly is refreshing to see an actor from India refrain from using the term 'Bollywood' to define such a diverse world of cinema. 

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