Why Sonakshi Sinha sports a Harry Potter-esque scar on her face in Akira

AR Murugadoss says it is a mark of Akira's dark past, adding to the list of iconic looks that feature in his films. 

Shriram Iyengar

AR Murugadoss knows a thing or two about iconic looks. The director was the brains behind Aamir Khan's eight-pack abs in Ghajini (2008). This time he has something similar planned with Sonakshi Sinha. 

The first teaser for Sinha's Akira released yesterday and featured the actress in a blink-and-miss 10-second appearance. Though short, the teaser packed quite a punch, with Sinha sporting a gritty, all-action appearance.

One aspect that caught the eye is the scar below Sinha's eye. According to Murugadoss, it was on purpose. The director said, "The moment we see her face we should come to know that she has had a painful past. That's why I created the scar under her eyes."

Explaining the reason for it, Murugadoss said in a statement: "In life, every scar that occurs on our body has a story behind it. Similarly, Akira has a past wound that has dried up and remains a scar now." 

The film, based on the Tamil movie Mouna Guru (2011), will see Sonakshi Sinha perform some high-octane stunts. Looks like Murugadoss has taken a leaf from Harry Potter with the scar and the painful past. Hopefully, the scar's magic works for Akira too.

– With inputs from IANS