Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan give contrasting reactions to their feud

The very public war between the two stars seems to be anything but over. Here's why.

Our Correspondent

The legal battle and mudslinging between stars Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is probably one of the most controversial episodes of the Hindi film industry in recent times. While the buzz around their very public war seemed to have died down, its far from over.

Hrithik made that very clear at the IIFA awards event in Madrid, Spain, where he was asked by the media if the Kangana episode was behind him. “It is not behind me, it is in front of me and it will be in front of everyone soon,” said Hrithik, who had so far been mum about the entire controversy.

Kangana, on the other hand, chose to refer to the feud as 'scandal'. At a magazine cover launch event held on 29 June, when asked how she used her superpower to defeat a superhero (Krrish aka Hrithik) in real life, Kangana smiled and asked the journalist to repeat the question. On doing so, Kangana quipped, “Please ask a decent question. You are toh completely into scandal.”

Seems like the Queen star wants to leave the whole episode behind, but Hrithik won't let it go.

The entire controversy began with Kangana referring to Hrithik as her silly ex. After which, Hrithik sent Kangana a legal notice followed by the Queen actor doing the same. Hrithik asked her to tender a public apology and refuted her claim of the two having had a relationship. Their feud got nastier as the Mohenjo Daro actor released Kangana's e-mails to the public.