Raj Kundra confesses to spending less time with Shilpa Shetty, but dispels divorce rumours

The businessman ridicules reports of separation from his wife

Mayur Lookhar

Raj Kundra with Shilpa Shetty

Just as the world feared trouble in another B-town paradise, businessman Raj Kundra has put all speculation to rest. A few days back, a portal had reported that actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Kundra were heading for divorce following the break down in their relationship. The report stated that Kundra allegedly was sleeping in his office to avoid his wife.

Kundra took to twitter to put such rumours to rest.

Apparently, the rumours began when Shetty started complaining to her friends that her husband was working so hard that he hardly had any time to spend with her. Speaking to a leading daily, Kundra confessed, "I have been working on this huge deal almost 20 hours a day from my office in Matunga and haven’t had any time to breathe, eat or sleep! I just go home for a shower and change.”

Kundra also spoke about planning a surprise for his wife's 41st birthday on 8 June. “This year we will keep it simple as last year, we celebrated it in Montenegro with all our family and friends so this year will be just Shilpa and me. I will whisk her off somewhere for just one night. And of course, it will be a surprise again. Shilpa is my princess so I have to look after her well," he said.

While Kundra chose to dispel such rumours, Shetty has so far maintained a stoic silence.

She posted a tweet about her upcoming birthday on 8 June.


Shetty and Kundra have been married since November 20009. The couple has a son Viaan who was born three years later. Kundra and Shetty were regularly seen together in Indian Premier League until her husband was banned for alleged betting. Here hoping that the couple stays strong and the rumours remaing just rumours.