Shahid Kapoor goes dark and dangerous in Udta Punjab title track

The song, featuring Shahid as the 'gabru' rockstar, is fuelled by risqué lyrics.

Shriram Iyengar


Shahid Kapoor's role in Udta Punjab looks set to be an important one for his CV. In the new  song, Shahid Kapoor went all dark as the 'gabru' rockstar with a hunger for fame and drugs. Dark, stylish, and cool, the song looks to go the way of the other tracks which have been well received among fans. 

Shahid plays a Punjabi rockstar addicted to drugs in the film. His look has already earned rave reviews and the teaser only takes it further. Making an entry from behind a screen of smoke, Shahid embraces the dark and dangerous side of his character with style. From the low hoodie to the 'Gabru' tattoo on his knuckles, Shahid looks every inch the bad boy that the film set him up to be. Shahid has shone in dark roles previously - Kaminey and Haider - and Udta Punjab is sure to be added to the list. The video is set to release this week, and the actor seems to have gone all out to perfect his look.

The song is filled with references to drugs, rock and roll, and some high flying machoism. Vishal Dadlani and Amit Trivedi have done complete justice to the high tempo rhythm of the song. Going by the audience reactions to the soundtrack so far, this song is set to be another big hit for the team.

The song itself is filled with references to drugs, guns, and might not go down well with feminists. Music director Amit Trivedi revealed in a recent interview that it could have been worse. Speaking to a national daily recently, he said, "Most of the music is in his druggie headspace; it's dirty. Except two simple, folksy songs that come after he is reformed. It's like rehab and gurudwara are the two extremes of the album. The final product is a result of a lot of filtering down. Had we retained the original lyrics of 'Ud Da Punjab', the mahila morcha would have been made me and singer Vishal Dadlani flee the country for a few months, and lyricist Varun Grover would have been in jail."

Abhishek Chaubey's film is set to release on 17 June, and has quite a buzz going for it. This rocking track only adds to its dark appeal.