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Hrithik Roshan survives Istanbul bombing by a hair's breadth 

The actor, who is holidaying in Africa with his kids, was at the Istanbul airport hours before the attack happened. 

Shriram Iyengar

Turkey was shocked with a horrific terrorist attack on Tuesday. Three suicide bombers killed at least 36 people and injured more than 150 at Istanbul's Ataturk airport. Among those who had a close shave were Hrithik Roshan and his kids. The actor was on his way to Africa for a holiday via Istanbul. He had taken the connecting flight out of Istanbul just a couple of hours before the attack. 

Immediately after the bomb blasts, the 42 year old actor took to Twitter narrating his experience. Hrithik and his kids had missed their connecting flight from Istanbul airport, and were supposed to take the flight on 28 July. However, he was helped by the staff at the airport and managed to book an economy flight on 27 July. It proved to be life-saving for the actor and his family. 

The actor had taken off on a vacation after the IIFA event held at Madrid. As shocking as the incident was, Hrithik must feel a little thankful for his escape.