Shah Rukh Khan records a ‘thank you’ video for his 20M Twitter followers

The superstar had a special message for his new and existing fans all over the world.

Sonal Pandya

Shah Rukh Khan, whose last release, Fan, pitted him against an over enthusiastic admirer, achieved a special milestone on Twitter. With 20 million fans and followers, the actor is elated to reach out to more people.

In a special video created just for his Twitter fans, Khan talked about the different kinds of followers he runs into, those who want him to sign currency notes (FYI, it’s illegal), those who really don’t want him to see Jennifer Lawrence in first class and those who inadvertently have given him an unusual view of their hairy bum while bending down.

But all jokes as aside, Shah Rukh sweetly thanked his 20 million “friends”, not just fans that help him become a better person and get him through the day.

Watch the video below: