Anushka Sharma on love lessons from Sultan: Don't give up on a relationship

The actress speaks about what she learned from the on-screen pair of Sultan and Aarfa.

Suparna Thombare

Though wrestling is the central focus of Sultan, the love story between Salman Khan aka Sultan and Anushka Sharma, who plays Aarfa, is what drives the film. Sharma, who recently patched up with boyfriend Virat Kohli, took away tons of love lessons from her experience of playing out the Sultan-Arfa relationship for the big screen. 

In a recent media interaction, when asked about what lessons she learned from the film, Sharma said, "There is a beautiful dimension of a man-woman relationship in this film. I learnt that where there is love, there also has to be complete acceptance. Love stays even when things are not going the way you want it to be. Don't give up on love or on a relationship too soon. You realise that simple, basic things are more important. People might not be the way you expect them to be and there is no point in trying to change them. It is better to alter your expectations. It is best to give breathing space to one another and trust that love is real."

It looks like the on-screen love story had a positive effect on her off-screen relationship as well.