Shah Rukh Khan's heartfelt words to students of Dhirubhai Ambani International School will leave you 'speechless'

The star gives important life lessons to the 2016 batch of students.

Aishwarya Shridhar

Shah Rukh Khan is known not just for his powerful on-screen presence, but also for his charisma and eloquence off the screen. His memorable speeches aren’t just in the scenes of his movies; the actor has a personality just as big and vibrant in real life.

Khan's latest speech, when he addressed the batch of students that is graduating from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School this year, is worth listening to, no matter who you are!

Peppering the speech with wisecracks in his characteristic style, Shah Rukh Khan still managed to make it meaningful, keeping the students engaged. The essence of his talk was that students must live their lives freely and be who they want to be, yet not resent their parents for wanting the best for them.

The actor made insightful remarks on valuing creativity as a process rather than for its product. He reminisced about his past, in particular the impact of his mother and father on his life and what he learnt from them.

With little stories from his past that got a chuckle out of everyone in the room, Shah Rukh Khan definitely made an impact on the students, leaving them with wonderful memories! Watch the video here: