No gender bias! Salman Khan wishes to share iftaar with women

Sultan star advised politician friend Baba Siddique to invite women to his iftaar party in Mumbai.

Our Correspondent

Salman Khan is the star guest at every iftaar party hosted by Congress politician Baba Siddique in Bandra, north-west Mumbai, which is where Khan also lives. Khan's presence alone makes Siddique's iftaar party a not-to-be-missed event for his invitees. A few years ago, it was at one such party hosted by Siddiqui that Salman Khan and Shah Ruh Khan, who, incidentally, also lives in Bandra, buried the hatchet, as the saying goes.

Traditionally, such iftaar party celebrations have only featured the menfolk but last year one was taken back when a few women also turned up. It is now learnt that the change in tradition was orchestrated by none other than Salman Khan.

Confirming this, Baba Siddique said, "It was Salman Khan, Alvira [Agnihotri, Khan's sister] and Reshma Shetty who suggested that we invite women for the iftaar celebration. This iftaar dinner is the only one to have women break their fast along with the men."

Salman Khan and Siddique have been friends for a long time. Apart from the Dabangg superstar, bigwigs from cinema, sports, and business grace Siddique's iftaar. parties.