Punjabi filmmaker blasts Udta Punjab; threatens to stall release in Punjab

The director of Dhee Punjab Di, which was passed by CBFC with a U certificate recently, extends support to the CBFC against Udta Punjab 

Keyur Seta

Amid the battle between the makers of the upcoming Hindi film, Udta Punjab and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), a Punjabi film titled, Dhee Punjab Di, which highlights the drug menace in the state among other issues, was recently passed by the board with a ‘U’ certificate. 

The CBFC objected to a scene where a character is seen snorting drugs. Filmmaker Baljeet Singh not only readily agreed to chop off the scene, but also extended support to the CBFC in their battle against Udta Punjab. 

In fact, during an interview with IANS, Singh blasted the makers of the Hindi film for making an “anti-Punjab culture” film. He specifically spoke against the language used in the film by Shahid Kapoor’s character as he feels that is against “Indian culture.” He also said that nobody from the Hindi film industry is willing to speak against the film since it is backed by big production houses. 

But that’s not all. Singh also revealed that he would be burning effigies of the makers of Udta Punjab on Monday (13 June) at Amritsar and will allow the film to release in Punjab only if they apologise. Genuine point of view or publicity stunt? Draw your conclusion.