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From Salman Khan to Abhishek Bachchan: Meet the Angry Birds of the season

Did the May heat get the better of B-town stars?

Mayur Lookhar

Show business demands a lot from stars, and the pressure to perform isn’t limited to the silver screen. With constant media scrutiny, actors ought to be prepared to face the paparazzi and the 'boom’ mics. One’s privacy though ought to be respected too. However, the hunger for breaking news, that exclusive footage can sometimes catch the stars unaware. Stars are humans too and prone to the odd fit of anger, but the recent show of rage from a few has left us a little shocked. Their behaviour makes them apt to be called the Angry Birds of the season. The angry caricatures in the newly released Hollywood flick are amusing but we wonder what one makes of these outbursts?

1. Katrina Kaif hates gate crashers

She was on her way back to Mumbai after shooting for Jagga Jasoos, and Katrina wasn’t amused at seeing photographers and video journalists at the airport. Seen in the video is her chauffeur, shooing the paparazzis and even slightly shoving a female broadcast journalist’s boom mic.  A peeved shutterbug/cameraman is heard asking Katrina,”Why have you called us then?”, to which Miss Kaif replied that she didn’t.

Hey Kat, now we take your word, but aren’t such ‘tip offs’ given by celebrity PRs? The moment a star is returning to the country or Mumbai city, isn’t it publicist like yours who want these arrivals to be covered. So, shouldn't your ire be against your own, instead of hitting at the media persons?  And you don’t need Jagga Jasoos to solve this conundrum.

2. Mind your language Sohail Khan

Sohail gave us a chilling reminder of his ill-tempered behaviour by abusing a female reporter. One would have been termed it an accident, but the forlorn and out of favour actor didn’t hesitate in repeatedly using the profane word against the hapless journalist. And all this ranting for what? Sohail, what sin did the journalist commit by merely asking your dad about big brother’s rumoured wedding?  Simply uncalled for junior Khan.

3.  Salman defends little brother

After the Sohail verbal volleys, the one to face the backlash was Salman as he addressed the media after the IIFA press conference. Shockingly, big brother condoned the actions of his little brother and justified the abusing. The Dabanng Khan stated that media people shouldn't be shoving mics in front of his old dad. Fair point Salman, but perhaps, you should look at the video again and decide for yourself whether any boom mic was shoved into Salim Khan’s face? 


4. Hooda and his Haryanvi tongue
He’s a Haryanvi and Haryanvis are not one to mince words. Over the years, Randeep Hooda hasn’t made himself popular with media. Back in 2013,  during a promotional event for his film, Murder 3, Hooda stunned all by asking a reporter to shut up, who had merely asked about his various link-ups. Hooda later apologized to the reporter and the TV channel, but old habits die hard.   

At the premiere of Sarbjit, the cocky actor asked a reporter to shut up as he didn’t like a question. When the journo retaliated, Hooda defended his rude behaviour. That wasn’t’ all, he even deemed a question by a female journalist as b******t. Surprisingly, Hooda didn’t choose to keep his vitriolic tongue in check with his sister around. 

5.  Mr. Cool loses his cool

He’s hailed as the Mr. Cool of Bollywood, but Abhishek Bachchan showed a rare sign of frustration when he chose not to pose with his wife Aishwarya. Well, there was no provocation, no questioning. All that the shutterbugs and lensmen asked was for the couple to pose together. However, as often the large of chunk of limelight is hogged by Aishwarya, and this perhaps may have annoyed junior Bachchan as he walked out in haste, leaving Aishwarya to fend for herself.

Lead Image by Maya Ashvin