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Thumbs down to Rishi Kapoor's Hillary Clinton tweet; actor abuses trolls

The seasoned actor posted a shocking tweet mocking Hilary Clinton. Kapoor also used the F word against his detractors.

Mayur Lookhar

Unabashed, one word that describes seasoned actor Rishi Kapoor. He holds nothing back and is unapologetic with his social media posts. This attitude has made Kapoor popular on social media. 

The actor was recently praised for his 'Baap ka maal samjha hai kya' tweet, wherein he questioned the practice of naming important places after members of the Nehru-Gandhi family. However, his latest tweet mocking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has left most netizens shocked.

In a rather sexist tweet, Kapoor poked fun at Clinton's coughing image, collating it with the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair. In 1998,  then US president and Hillary's husband Bill Clinton had admitted to having an illicit affair with Lewinsky, then an intern at the White House.

Kapoor's shocking tweet was met with negative response. The criticism upset the actor who slammed the trolls in a couple of tweets.

Some must have assumed that the actor had posted his controversial tweet in an inebriated state. Defending his tweets, Kapoor reminded netizens that he had mocked Clinton's adversary Donald Trump too.

His defensive tweet showed he was not sorry for posting the Hillary meme, but we wonder what would have happened if he had made a similar joke about an Indian politician.