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Gender reversal: 8 films that need to be remade with leading ladies

While the conversation has begun in Hollywood, we would like to see a Ghostbusters-like reprise in Hindi cinema, too. Here is our list of iconic characters in films that would make for interesting female-led reboots. Imaging by Maya Ashvin

Maya Ashvin

The reboot of the popular comedy Ghostbusters, headlined by women this time around, hit Indian screens today. An article in The Guardian newspaper recently said that if the film succeeds it would become a benchmark and if it fails it could set us back.

While we believe that one film cannot propel or hinder the future of female-led films, films like Ghostbusters could encourage filmmakers to explore themes that put female stars at the centre of the cinematic universe.

While we do agree that women do not need to reprise male parts to be empowered on screen, there is also a huge element of excitement in seeing how it would shape up if actresses led the same films.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra said she would rather play James Bond than the expected Bond girl. It led to a lot of chatter in Hollywood about whether Bond could ever be played by a woman and if women could take on powerful roles that have been essayed by men. But there are many talented actresses in Hindi cinema who could lend some spunk to these classic hero-based films. Here's to the women!

Let's start with the most obvious one.

1. Don 
This one is pretty clear. Priyanka Chopra has already stated that she wants to play a female Bond if ever the chance arrives. Playing a stylish Don might be a good way to start. She already has the training, the action chops, and the suavity, dare we say. 


2. Deewar 
Here is a twist to the age-old sibling rivalry. Two sisters going up against each other, while their mother is caught in the crossfire. Though it might take some effort to replace the intensity of Amitabh Bachchan, we think Tabu could take a shot at this. For the role of the classy Shashi Kapoor, we pick Vidya Balan. If that is not a casting coup, what is? 

3. Andaz Apna Apna
Few films have attained the legendary status of Rajkumar Santoshi's epic. With her impeccable comic timing and sass, Sonakshi Sinha would slip seamlessly in as Amar's female prototype, while Alia Bhatt could certainly counter that sass with her comic 'Prem'. 

4. Dil Chahta Hai 
The film that shaped the teenage of millennials in India, Farhan Akhtar's debut is another classic holiday film we would like to see remade with heroines. Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone (to play Aamir Khan and Akshaye Khanna's roles, respectively) may not be on the best of terms, but their personalities would make them the best fit for the script. Parineeti Chopra could take on the comic element of Saif Ali Khan in the original. 

5. Rock On!!
Now, this is a film that is screaming for female leads. A female rock band might just be the dose of sass-punk the film rock band needs. Considering the number of actresses who can belt out a song today, the task might get a little difficult for a casting director. We would like to put forth the musical foursome of Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt.

6. Mr. India
The most favourite film of the 1980s definitely deserves a female lead. Well, there is no doubt who should be playing it. Sridevi remains the one and only contender for this remake. Forget the leading man, we only need Sridevi! 

7. Darr 
Now, this one is a little controversial, but we will bite. Kangana Ranaut should take up this role just for the challenge. She has got the right mix of scare factor and nervous charm that female stalkers need. Casting her victim might take some effort. Maybe if Hrithik Roshan is game? 

8. Dhoom
This is a franchise that is in need of some resuscitation. Sadly, Aamir Khan did not exude the menace necessary for a villain in Dhoom 3 (2014). Maybe we need a female villain? Katrina Kaif might be just the right combination of fast and furious venom needed. Just imagine her racing on a bike!