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Poaching case: Missing driver is back, says he saw Salman Khan shoot chinkara

Harish Dulani, who was driving the gypsy used by Khan, has come forward to say that he has been threatened everytime he tried attending a court hearing.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

In a sensational disclosure that could change the acquittal verdict given to Salman Khan in the 1998 poaching case,  Harish Dulani, the driver of the jeep which was used by Salman Khan and his co-actors from Hum Saath Saath Hai, has told NDTV that he saw Khan shooting a chinkara. 

Dulani, who went missing at the time of the 25 July hearing in Rajasthan High Court, had told a magistrate that he had see Khan shooting chinkara. However, Dulani never appeared before the court. Dulani claimed that he was threatened every time he tried appearing for a hearing.

Strangely, the Rajasthan High Court discredited his statement as implausible, and also took into account that the man was never available for cross examination.

I stick to the statement I made before a magistrate 18 years ago. I am not an absconder. My father received threats, I got scared and left home. If I had police protection, I could have given a statement. That was what I always intended,” Dulani added.

The man is open to testifying in the court for the third poaching case against Khan which is due for hearing on 10 August. "I will go to the court and repeat my statement. Even if I am called to the Supreme Court to testify, I would say the same thing," he said.

Dulani though fears for his life and has made an appeal to the media to help him get protection.

On 25 July, 2016,  the Rajasthan High court acquitted Khan in the two separate poaching cases pertaining to the killings of chinkara and black buck. The Rajasthan government is yet to decide whether it will file an appeal against the High Court's verdict. With Dulani coming out in the open, the state government could well provide him security and file an appeal in the apex court.