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Karan Johar dishes on industry's love-hate relationship with the media

In his latest column, the filmmaker reveals why it’s hard for him to be truthful to the press.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Sonal Pandya

For Karan Johar’s latest blog for NDTV, the director of the upcoming Ae Dil Hai Mushkil shares why he has a love-hate relationship with the media. He goes ahead to compare the film industry and the media as a couple in a ‘not terribly satisfying marriage’. Here are some of his most candid thoughts that go through his head during an interview.

1. Why does he host talk shows and reality television programs? Answer: “I have to judge reality shows. Do you know how much they pay??

Here’s the real reason why so many celebrities are joining the reality television bandwagon as contestants and judges. It’s the money! Karan acknowledges it’s hard to live up to the high standard he’s set up and if he has to make a big-budgeted, good-looking blockbuster, it requires big bucks to keep that going.

2. Why are his comments always sexual? The real answer: “You think it's easy to get sex in an industry where all eyes and the paparazzi's are on you? Not at all. And I've tried very hard. You think that casting couch exists? I have a couch in my office that I've stared at hoping that I can get someone on it, but no. Some sense of morality and my mother's upbringing kicks in. But I've thought about it. MANY.A.TIME.”

Johar breaks the myth that the industry’s casting couch is secretly operating in the background. Yes, there are many, including Karan himself, that are obsessed with sex, but that doesn’t mean that they act upon their intentions. Also, he’s really tired about all the questions on his sexuality, he’s just not going to answer them.

3. When will you take a political stand? Answer: “Please stop asking questions you know I will not answer. Because someone will protest. Or have a dharna. Having a spine is not going to pay my bills. Sadly.”

Celebrities are tired of the media forcibly dragging them in a political hailstorm by asking them provocative questions about current events. No matter what they say, they will get in trouble. Therefore, silence is usually maintained.

4. When will he make a film based in reality? Answer: “I don't know anything about reality! I grew up on Malabar Hill and I don't understand how any other strata of society operates! That's it. I like rich people. I like beautiful people. That's my problem. DEAL.WITH.IT.”

Karan Johar is one of the few filmmakers to admit that he makes what he knows and his forte is beautiful people in beautiful films. We don’t go to watch a Karan Johar film looking for reality, do we? He also regrets his use of item numbers featuring women in his films. The constant questions on it have caused him to hang his head in shame.

5. Where does he see himself in the next five years? Answer: “Richer, slimmer, sexier and with attractive people above, below and around me. Please God.”

Now, this is the kind of real answers we’d like to see from our celebrities. But Johar admits he has to diplomatically reply to many of the media’s questions with generic remarks about what a filmmaker should ideally say.

In the end, Karan Johar says despite all the grouses (from both sides), both the industry and the media are ‘better together’. But we, for sure, won't ever look at Johar's interviews the same way again!