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'I'm not anti-Salman,' Renuka Shahane clarifies

The actress irked Salman Khan fans with her humorous take on the superstar's acquittal in poaching cases.

Mayur Lookhar

Such is his fan following that critics can't get away easily. Actress Renuka Shahane found herself in a storm when she posted a hilarious take on Salman Khan's acquittal by the Rajasthan high court in two poaching cases going back 18 years. Khan was alleged to have killed protected wild animals while filming Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999) in Rajasthan.

Shahane used plenty of puns on bucks to describe the fiasco.

Most people saw the lighter side of this post but diehard Salman Khan fans weren't amused, and some reckoned that the actress was trying to gain publicity.

Before she could be projected in worse light for her comments, Shahane chose to clarify that she is not anti-Khan.

"I know Salman's fans are really hurt and I am being tagged as anti-Salman, but people are reacting without even reading the complete post or understanding what I am trying to say. I am not against Salman and neither is that post. I have always shared a very cordial relationship with him," Shahane told The Times of India newspaper.

"The questions in my post have been in my mind for long. It is about our judicial system. Cases itne lambe chalte hi kyon hain? Why isn't there a time frame within which cases should end? This case could have gone on for 25 years and for so many years, everyone involved has a mental pressure. My questions were for all cases that drag for years. Why can't we have opinions? Every time someone speaks up to express something relevant, people say that it is for publicity," she said.

Shahane had worked with Khan in the 1994 blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!