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Sultan’s fictional documentary is as appealing as the film: Watch

World Of Sultan shows Salman Khan's character as a real man from Haryana. 

Keyur Seta

Salman Khan’s Sultan managed to impress the audience with its moving tale of a fallen wrestler who fights back not only in the ring, but also in the sport of life. But this is not the end of the story. The makers, Yash Raj Films, have now come up with a feature called World Of Sultan.

It is a documentary, but a fictional one. It brings forth the concept of docufiction, rarely explored in India. It makes the audience believe as if Sultan was a real character and so were people associated with him. 

World Of Sultan is a compilation of anecdotes by people close to Sultan (Salman Khan). This includes his school friend, coaches who taught him at different stages of his life and his best friend, Govind (Anant Vidhaat). Interestingly, it also features a number of food vendors (not part of the movie) who had served him during his stay in Delhi. But it is quite strange to see some other actor playing the character of Amit Sadh. 

And just as you start feeling as if the whole footage is getting repetitive, there comes a pleasant surprise. The documentary goes onto a storytelling mode in the form of Sultan’s downfall and fightback. This portion also has interviews by some dangerous fighters Sultan defeated before winning the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). 

Despite World Of Sultan being a kind of documentary, it still manages to entertain and move. This will be experienced by those who have already seen and liked the film. The smart editing and packaging is also responsible for this, along with Saif Akhtar’s direction. The only issue is that it stretches a bit in the end. 

Watch World Of Sultan: