Shah Rukh Khan is a poet and we didn't even know it! 

The actor read out a poem about women empowerment at the launch party of author Gunjan Jain's book, She walks,She leads; and it is fantastic.

Shriram Iyengar

Shah Rukh Khan is a man of many talents. His charm and intellect have surprised and impressed anyone who has met him. In a recent interview with an online website, the King Khan had declared, "I am Shah Rukh Khan. I can do anything," and he wasn't kidding! At the launch party of debutante author Gunjan Jain's book 'She walks, She leads' last evening, which features inspiring accounts of 24 successful women, including Priyanka Chopra, Mira Nair, Shabana Azmi and Kareena Kapoor from the film industry, the actor stunned the audience with his recitation of a poem he had written himself. 

Shah Rukh was inspired to write the poem by a tweet from pop star Zayn Malik. The poem is as follows.

This is for girls who stay up all night, this is for you who is willing to fight. 
For hidden fears, hurt, pain and tears, 
Under the smiles, laughs, and giggles we hear. 
Let your hair down, straight or curls, 
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl. 
For girls who wear short skirts, and their heart on their sleeve, 
For girls who know how difficult it is to believe. 
The girls who scream and cry to the pillows and tell them their goals, 
For girls who have a secret, but can’t tell a soul. 
Let your eyes be your diamonds, make them your pearls, 
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl. 
For girls who have made mistakes and have regrets galore, 
For girls that may not win, but always get up from the floor. 
The girls who take life as comes, the girl who have broken the code, 
For the girls who hope, that they’ll get better somewhere down the road. 
Let your steps be a dance and jump and do the swirl, 
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl. 
For the girls who love with all their heart, although sometimes gets broke, 
To girls who think it’s over, to real girls, all girls, who have tears to soak. 
You throw, you pick up and fall. 
But just tell the world I’m beautiful because I fight like a girl.

The poem speaks of women who won't give up on their fight, despite their failures and their flaws. Speaking at the event, Shah Rukh also spoke about the influence the many women in his life have had on him. The actor said, "My life has been completely shaped by women, starting from my grandmother to my daughter now and in between my wife, aunts, didis in colonies, my leading ladies and women directors with whom I have worked."  

The actor is currently shooting for Gauri Shinde's Dear Zindagi, where he plays a mentor to Alia Bhatt's character. 

Well, now we know why the ladies are so enamoured of the King Khan.