From sex to spirituality: Mamta Kulkarni's 10 intriguing revelations

The ex-Hindi film actress reveals astonishing details in an interview. 

Keyur Seta

Mamta Kulkarni was one of the hottest actresses of the 1990s in Hindi cinema. She was known more for her bold avatars and dance moves. She also got embroiled in a controversy after doing a topless shoot for a magazine cover, for which she had to pay a hefty amount as bail. However, after a point of time, she just disappeared from Hindi cinema arena and was nowhere to be spotted in public. 

But Kulkarni has resurfaced this year owing to her alleged involvement with a drug racket with her live-in partner, Vicky Goswami. The ex-Hindi film actress made some alarming revelations in an exclusive interview with a news channel. Over the course of the discussion, she refuted all claims of being involved in a drug racket with Goswami, and made several interesting statements about her life. 

Here are 10 noteworthy statements from the interview:

I wonder why I wasted 10 years in the film industry. I have never been interested in films.

I entered spirituality and attained enlightenment in 2010.

I haven’t married Vicky. When you do tapasya, you become so pure that you can’t bear a man's touch. There is nothing like sex. You won't feel the need for sex. Even if a man stands nude in front of me, it won't have any effect on me.

When I have given away the most animalistic desire, which is sex, can drugs tantalize me to do something wrong in life? I will kill myself instead. And if I come to know that Vicky is after drugs, then maybe I will kill him too.

I was never interrogated or detained in Mombasa [Kenya]. In fact, the cops treated me very well. They asked for beer. I said I don’t keep such things at home, but I can offer Coke. They took Vicky and didn't even touch me.

We [she and Goswami] are just on good terms with each other. He goes out and meets people, but I am nowhere around him.

The last film I saw was Lage Raho Munna Bhai.

My debut Tamil film was the biggest hit of the year. People had tattooed my name on their hands. People recognize me in Chennai.

The controversial photoshoot [in the 1990s, where she went topless for a magazine cover] was a foolish mistake. I was a kid then. I didn't believe in it. I still don’t believe in it.

She showed her passport claiming it has just two stamps – UAE and Kenya. She also showed bank statements and said there has been no transaction with Avon Life Sciences, the company involved in the drug racket.

Watch the whole interview: