Female actors work 3 times harder, get paid 10 times lesser: Shah Rukh Khan

In a detailed exclusive interview to an online website, the Dilwale actor opened up on the bias against women in the industry. 

Shriram Iyengar

Shah Rukh Khan is not one to mince words. In an exclusive interview to, the actor delved into several issues including the dispairty of wages between male and female actors in the industry. The star spoke about several issues from his choice of films to the ambitions of his daughter, Suhaana, to be an actor. 

On the issue of wage disparity, Shah Rukh Khan was brutally honest. He said, "I feel every woman in this industry works three times harder than the men and gets ten times lesser the money."

The Dilwale actor added that he has been trying to change things from his end. "I don’t talk about the change. I am the change. In my films, the girl’s name always comes before mine. On my film’s set, the girl is always in a higher position than men – nobody can call them “tu”; it’s always “aap." 

On his children,  the actor mentioned that they would need to fulfill a 'minimum education requirement' before they choose a career of their volition. Suhaana, Shah Rukh's daughter is known to have ideas of entering cinema. Speaking on that, Shah Rukh added, "Suhana wants to be an actress and she says that she doesn’t want to learn it from me. Which is an amazing thought to have. Because it means that she wants to do the same thing as me but with an independent and a unique voice." 

At least Suhaana can rest assured of equal pay in the industry. No one would want to mess with King Khan on this one.