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Anushka Sharma wants stronger laws against cruelty to animals

Every life matters, says the actress, whose co-star in Sultan, Salman Khan, is still facing trial on charges of hunting protected black bucks in Rajasthan almost two decades ago.


After the video of a young dog being dropped from a three-storey building went viral on the internet, Hindi film actress and ardent animal lover Anushka Sharma said the world needs stricter laws against cruelty to animals.

Two students – Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Paul – of Madha Medical College in Chennai were arrested and enlarged on bail on 6 July for the act.

Asked if India needs stricter laws to protect animals, Sharma told IANS on the telephone: "I think the entire earth needs it... I hope and I will in some way work towards making stricter laws against animal cruelty... Just because we are human beings with bigger brains doesn't make us more important. Every life matters."

The 28-year-old, who is currently riding high on the success of her latest release Sultan, said people need to "co-exist with nature". Her co-star in Sultan, Salman Khan, is still facing trial on charges of hunting protected black bucks in Rajasthan almost two decades ago.

"I think it's very very important to live in a country where treatment of animals is done correctly because that is reflective of you as a person. I feel that if you can't have deep compassion for voiceless creatures then I think it's very sad."

Sharma said it was very important for children to grow up in an environment in which they see people treating animals correctly and nature rightly.

She said it troubles her that animals are treated cruelly. "[It] really troubles me that animals are being treated cruelly and right now what has happened the fact that these people can just go scot-free with paying just Rs50... It makes me so sad because it is just mean," she said.