Meghan Markle wants to act with good friend Priyanka Chopra

The Suits star, who hit off with Priyanka quite instantly, dreams of working with her in a Hindi film.

Sonal Pandya

Actresses Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle in a movie together! Yes, please. The leading ladies have a busy schedule starring on Quantico and Suits respectively on top of juggling professional and personal commitments throughout the calendar year. But Markle thinks that shouldn’t deter the two from acting together, preferably in a Hindi film.

In an online interview with the PTI, Markle said, "I would love to work with her on a film one day! I told her specifically that my dream is to work with her on a Bollywood film because I think it would be so much fun - she said I should do it!”

The two first met in January 2016 at ELLE’s 6th Annual Women in TV celebration and hit off instantly. "Priyanka is unbelievable, she has become a really good friend. ELLE Magazine in the US hosted a dinner celebrating Women in TV (Priyanka was on one of their covers) and we met that night – turns out that she really likes ‘Suits’," said Meghan. 

They soon formed a mutual admiration society and made plans to hang out whenever possible. Markle said of their friendship in the interview, “And you know when you meet someone and you just 'click'... It was just an easy, natural progression. We've managed to keep in touch via email and text.”

Quantico primarily shot its first season in Montreal, while Suits mostly films in Toronto. Whenever the two friends happen to be in the same city, they make it a point to meet up. Pictures of them hanging out at a pool party did the rounds on social media a few months ago and were lapped up by the fans.

The sixth season of Suits premieres in India on 16 July on Comedy Central India. Priyanka Chopra is already filming in New York for the second season of Quantico, which will air in September.