Ranveer Singh snubs query on marriage to Deepika Padukone

The star returns from Befikre shoot, greets and kisses a scribe, and says enjoyed the many kisses in Befikre.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

As a journalist the one thing that you admire most about Ranveer Singh is that you ask him any question, but he seldom loses his cool. 

The Bajirao Masatani actor was spotted at Mumbai airport after finishing the shoot of Befikre in Paris. Dressed in cool black, white sweat shirt, cargo pants, and donning a black hat Singh arrived to a thunderous applause from the media.

Singh greeted few journalists, even hugged and kissed one, soaking all the adulation.. While the paparazzi had arrived to greet Singh, it was inevitable that someone asked the all-important question, “Ranveer, are you getting married?”

The 1000-watt creamy smile disappeared as Singh chided, “Come on friend, I’ve just arrived, having no sleep and you’re bringing this up now." 

Phew, he looked as fresh as daisy seconds before that question though! However, when pressed further the actor did say that he will reveal all later. He did oblige one-odd query about the umpteen smooches in Befikre.

“There are many kisses in the film. I was made to do many kissing scenes," Singh said smilingly. 

Rumour had it that Singh and Deepika were set to fly together to Austria with their respective families in tow. This led to speculation that the couple were likely to tie the knot in early 2017.

Perhaps, the actor can take some much deserved rest, but the wedding question will not die down till both Singh and Deepika either rubbish or confirm it.

For now watch Ranveer Singh’s arrival and the fanfare around it.