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When Pooja Hegde found Mohenjo Daro boring

Young actress did not enjoy the chapter in school; her director confessed that he failed in history.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

A maiden film is no different from a first day at school/college/workplace. Anxiety takes a toll of your nerves, fear grips your heart, and your mind is screaming, 'Get me out of here!' 

Young Pooja Hegde appeared fairly nervous during her maiden press conference at the launch of Mohenjo Daro. Apart from the battalion of reporters, she may have been overawed by the presence of the army of Mohenjo Daro, with director Ashutosh Gowariker bringing most of his crew along.

The actress made a grand entry with co-star Hrithik Roshan, dancing to the Tu Hai track. That would have helped the blood flow. After AR Rahman’s performance, Gowariker introduced his army, all the key people who had toiled to make the film. Suddenly, the stage seemed too small.

A few minutes later though, the gathering was reduced to just three with Gowariker, Hrithik Roshan and Hegde taking centre stage. The glittering part was over and it was time to face the music. Most questions were directed at Hrithik Roshan, so perhaps Hegde might have thought she would have little or nothing at all to say. 

The PR team may have prepared Hegde for the clichéd questions. But she was taken aback when asked if history was one of her favourite subjects at school.

Hegde looked perplexed, paused, then blurted out, “Actually, during my school days, I always found the chapter on Mohenjo Daro boring. However, after doing this film, I learnt a lot about Mohenjo Daro.” 

Gowariker quickly stepped in, turning the attention on to himself with the revelation that history wasn't his strong suit either at school. “I used to fail in history," said the director, "and yet here I am, having made two period films.” 

Everyone broke into a laugh, and Hegde breathed a little easier. Of course, her real test will come on 12 August, which is when Mohenjo Daro is scheduled to be released.