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Sunny Leone's hubby lashes out at journalist over condom ad controversy

Irked by a pertinent question to Leone, Daniel Weber slams the journalist, asks the publicist for the scribe’s details.

Sunny Leone launches Manforce Special Calendar. (Photo: Shutterbugs Images)

Mayur Lookhar

Sunny Leone is ice cool even in the midst of a storm. Not even the chauvinistic barbs of a noted TV journalist could deter her spirit. These qualities have been passed on to her American husband Daniel Weber, too, who, over the years, has quietly watched his wife answer these barbs with aplomb. However, Monday, 11 July, was a rare occasion when Weber lost his cool over a query posed by an Indian Express journalist to Sunny Leone.

The diva endorses a noted condom brand, which had led to a controversy last year, when a CPI (Communist Party of India) politician called for a ban on Leone's condom advertisements fearing that it could lead to rapes.

Atul Kumar Anjaan, who unsuccessfully fought the Lok Sabha elections from Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, had created a controversy when he was quoted as saying, “If such type of ads will be shown on TV and newspaper then no one can stop rapes in India.”

Leone had sealed her lips then. A year later, Leone was asked for her reaction on the politician’s controversial comment at a promotional event of the condom brand.

Before Leone could answer, Weber jumped in, taking offence to a very pertinent question, and chose to term it completely out of context. The other scribes protested and Weber reluctantly allowed his wife to answer. However, the diva chose to bypass it.

That wasn’t the end of the story though as Weber then asked the publicist for the details of the reporter. Is that a threat? 

 Well, we cheekily asked the reporter whether he had received any call from Weber, but he denied receiving any call as yet.

Well, let’s just say poor Weber was desperately trying to show his ‘Man force’.