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What was the secret of Gabbar’s strength?

Rare vintage ad had Amjad Khan endorsing a biscuit

Mayur Lookhar

One of the most remarkable things about the tragic scene from Sholay is how Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) chops off Thakur’s arms with two swords. Of course, back then we didn’t get to see the actual chopping scene, but the logical fan always wondered if it was possible to cut off a man’s arms using two swords and striking at the same time.

Well, let’s just say that Gabbar derived his energy from a super food item.


These vintage pictures have Amjad Khan endorsing the popular biscuit brand Britannia Glucose D.  Khan turned into overnight star with Sholay and it didn’t take long for the ad industry to tap into his popularity.  Khan is credited as the first Bollwood villain to endorse any product.