Proof that Akshay Kumar loves Republic Day

We're pretty sure the historic day means a lot to the star

Mayur Lookhar

Bollywood has long been influenced by superstitions and lucky charms. Legends were very particular about the company they kept, for instance. Now, over the past decade and a half, actors have begun picking their favourite release days too.

Shah Rukh Khan traditionally lights up the box office on Diwali, Salman Khan on Eid, while Aamir Khan has turned up on many Christmas holidays. With the three main festivals taken, other actors were left to soak in patriotic fervor.
Akshay Kumar has often expressed his surprise about Bollywood A-listers not doing enough patriotic cinema. It may explain why he often likes releasing his own films on or close to Republic Day. His first film, Saugandh, was released on January 25, 1991. Three years later came Elaan. It took another ten years before Kumar turned to Republic Day again, unveiling the action thriller Khakee on January 24, 2004 — his first Republic Day hit.
Ten years later, on January 23, 2015, came Baby, the first hit of 2015. And we now have Airlift on January 22, 2016.