Where was Susanne on Hrithik's birthday?  

Apparently, she wasn't invited to the party


Our Correspondent

There were rumours about Susanne Khan attending her ex-husband Hrithik Roshan's 42nd birthday bash over the weekend. It wasn't true though. 

Speaking to the press, Susanne said she had no intention of attending her former husband's party, adding that she wasn't even invited. "My relationship with Hrithik is wonderful in regard to our kids," she said, "We are good parents and that is our priority regarding each other. But we don't socialize or hang out together as friends." 

Susanne officially separated from her husband in December 2013 after a 14-year marriage. "We don't invite each other to our birthdays," she said. "People love to make a big deal out of nothing. By the grace of God, we have found peace with our choices and with each other. I always will wish for him to be the happiest in all that he does. And I know he wishes the same for me."