Can Bhagat Singh fans be Amrita Singh fans too?

The actress’ great grandfather had testified against the freedom fighter in real life

Mayur Lookhar

She was married to a nawab, but Amrita Singh herself belongs to an elite family. Singh was born to political activist Rukhsana Sultana and army officer, Shivinder Singh Virk, whose sister was married to a prince. She also happens to be the great-niece of the late novelist, Khushwant Singh.

Still, the less mentioned bloodline is through her maternal grandmother,Mohinder Kaur. Amrita is the great-granddaughter of Sir Sobha Singh, OBE, of Hadali, Sargodha, one of the builders of New Delhi.

But Sir Sobha Singh has another history that goes beyond New Delhi. He’s won the ignominy of being the man who testified against freedom fighters Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt in the 1929 Assembly bomb case.

So, how would have his great granddaughter Amrita felt when she played the role of Bhagat Singh’s mother in the 2002 film ‘23rd March 1931: Shaheed’.

Now, Amrita must have not seen her great grandfather, but surely his ignominy must have been as large as his accomplishments amidst the postprandial family reminiscences.

The film didn’t do well.And perhaps that might have been a relief to some? To Amrita?