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Did David Dhawan really break a record?

Many reports say the filmmaker’s movies, Deewana Mastana and Mr. & Mrs Khiladi, were released on the same day in 1997, but some details suggest otherwise

Mayur Lookhar

This just caught our attention. A few reports online say that David Dhawan is the only Bollywood filmmaker to have competed against himself at the box office, releasing two of his own films — Deewana Mastana and Mr. & Mrs Khiladi — on the same day: October 10, 1997.
This aroused our curiosity, so we did a little digging. Wikipedia lists the release date for Mr. & Mrs.Khiladi as October 10, 1997  while IMDB lists the release date as October 9, 1997 
Similarly, the release date for Deewana Mastana on Wikipedia was listed as October 24, 1997 while IMDB pegs the date as September 23 
The only feasible option was to check the CBFC certificates for both films. The certificate for Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi reads October 3, 1997; the one for Deewana Mastana is September 23, 1997.
Once the CBFC clearance date is issued, a film can be released any time, but it is impossible for a film to be released before the clearance date. Naturally, that rules out Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi’s release on September 24.
Perhaps both films were released on October 10, 1997, but the best way to confirm this was to check with the man himself. Unfortunately, David Dhawan didn’t respond to our request for a comment.
Here’s what we do know though: Filmmaker Priyadarshan competed with himself on November 2, 2005 when two films by him — Kyun Ki and Garam Masala — were released. The Salman Khan-starrer Kyon Ki flopped, while Akshay Kumar’s philandering in Garam Masala was widely appreciated.