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Ranveer Singh gets a dose of Patanjali from Baba Ramdev in dance-off 

In a video that is going viral online for the right reasons, the baba gave the Bajirao Mastani star a lesson in yoga and fitness at the Agenda Aaj Tak meet organised in Delhi. 

Shriram Iyengar

There are few people who will question Ranveer Singh's fitness. The actor has built up quite a reputation for his transformation into the warrior Bajirao, in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani. However, it seems the actor is still to match up to the levels of Baba Ramdev. In a video that is going viral, the actor invited the sanyasi on stage at a recent Aaj Tak event for a dance off, only to be left open-mouthed in embarrassment. 

The video begins with Singh being his usual self and convincing Baba Ramdev to get up on stage for a dance with him. However, the face of the Patanjali brand laid down the challenge when he said he would do his special 'yoga dance', and asked Singh to keep up with him. What happened next was a series of contortions, convolutions, and other physical extenuations that left Singh staggering. 


From the trademark Surya Namaskar to some seriously tough moves, Ramdev unleashed his repertoire on stage to the delight of the audience. He finished off by lifting Singh and, virtually, carrying him to his chair. All  Singh could say at the end of it was, "Baba, I have girlfriends here. How could you embarrass me like this?" To be fair, it was Singh's challenge in the first place. 

We do not know if Singh was being modest or truly floored by the self-proclaimed yogi's antics, but it certainly makes for some delightful watching. Hopefully, Singh has learnt a lesson and will pick someone in his own weight and flexibility category next time.