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Here is why Ranveer, Vaani & Co took up Aditya Chopra's Befikre

The reticent filmmaker wanted his team to unwind, unlearn and just be befikre (carefree) throughout the shooting.

Mayur Lookhar

He is the only Hindi film director who never talks to the media. That makes him unpopular with some film journalists, but the artistes who work with Aditya Chopra say he is a fascinating person.

Aditya Chopra is unlikely to come out and speak about his new film Befikre, but his actors and crew just can’t stop praising the man, giving us the feeling that this will be no ordinary film.

The filmmaker had given a simple brief to Ranveer Singh and his cast. "Adi Sir has a reputation as the maker of classics," Singh said. "When a filmmaker makes a film, he is putting a piece of his soul into celluloid. He told me that he is just so happy right now that he wanted that happiness in his life to be manifested in a film, And that was it. At that moment, I was befikre.”

As Singh said, Chopra is known as a maker of classic cinema, but with Befikre he appears to have thrown his style of working out of the window. "There seems to have been a certain freedom in his thought process which you usually associate with a first-time director," lyricist Jaideep Sahni said.

“Can I not be restricted and stifled by my own reputation? Can I just be who I am?" added Singh by way of explaining Chopra's mood. 

Music directors Vishal and Shekhar were moved when Chopra asked them to unlearn everything they had done before and start afresh.

Lead actress Vaani Kapoor said, "This is one movie where he has just kept it light-hearted throughout. There is nothing overtly dramatic, there are no heightened emotions.”

Summing it up, Singh said, “This is not a roller-coaster of a film. It’s a merry-go-around. Adi Sir said that once the film is over, whoever has gone to see it should just want to give a tight hug and kiss to a person they love the most.”

The artistes and crew certainly seem have discovered the carefree spirit in themselves while filming. Will fans love it? We will know on Friday, when the film hits the screens.