Amitabh Bachchan: Conscious efforts by writers to improve quality of cinema

Bachchan spoke at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Friday.


Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who recently featured in much-lauded Pink, on women's rights and addressing the problem they face in day to day life, believes that today a "conscious effort is being made by writers to improve the quality of cinema".

"The kind of work most of writers are doing these days is phenomenal. Keeping in mind the taste of the audience today and other kind of entertainment that has come into our lives from all over the world... thanks to the TV and Internet," he says. 

"The need to compete with it almost everyday and how to get the audiences away from environments of their homes and bring them to the theatre... and they are happy seeing whatever they are seeing on their TV and perhaps they see better quality and therefore there has been a conscious effort by our word-makers to improve the quality and the kind of cinema," Amitabh said at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Friday.

The megastar, who was being interviewed by filmmaker Karan Johar, also believes that the audience too has matured now.

"There has been a great maturity from the audience in terms of their taste, that is being reflected on the stories which are being written," he said.