In true glam style, Priyanka Chopra throws a mannequin challenge to stun her fans 

The actress hopped on to the latest craze on social media, and posed with her team for a 'mannequin challenge' that is a slo-mo shot worth watching. 

Shriram Iyengar

Even as a mannequin, Priyanka Chopra looks good. While she spent 2016 travelling from place to place non-stop, she decided to take a pause and pose for one heck of a mannequin challenge with her team. 

The latest craze in social media, 'the mannequin challenge' requires a group of people to pose as statues, and hold that pose till the camera covers the entire team. 

Posing like the true rockstar she is, Chopra got her entire team into the act. As the camera pans from Chopra to the rest of the team, they hold their poses styling Chopra's look. Not that everyone in the team is as good as the actress at holding poses. Two of them even blink during the session, which we might be willing to overlook. Lasting an entire minute, the video was posted by the Bajirao Mastani actress on her social media pages on Wednesday. She wrote, 'Freezing this moment forever....This is just a part of my India team...can't believe I got them to stop working for 1 minute! See you in the new year! #Respect #Work #Team #Love.' 

Chopra, as usual, has been quick on the uptake of this new social media phenomenon. Though she is not the only one. The Indian cricket team had posed for a mannequin challenge after beating England 4-0 in the recent series held at home. Virat Kohli led the way. 

While she is used to posing for photographs, this just gives new meaning to the term 'taking time off'.