Priyanka Chopra defends Saif-Kareena's baby Taimur against trolls

The actress feels celebrities' personal life shouldn't be of anybody's concern. 

Our Correspondent

When Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan named their newborn son Taimur, they must never have imagined it would invite such wrath online. People linked his name to the Mughal emperor who had looted India centuries ago. 

Thankfully, the couple also received support from their fans. Soon, Karan Johar to openly criticised the trolls. Speaking at an event, he said, “How can there be trolls about it, it’s their prerogative to name their son. A name is special to the parents, to the grandparents and the entire family. I completely support their decision to name their son and how dare anybody have an opinion about this. I feel so happy for the couple. It’s really ridiculous with all this. It’s their decision what they name their child and no one’s prerogative to say anything.”

Now, Priyanka Chopra too has come out in support of Saif and Kareena. She stressed on the fact that celebrities too have a personal life. She said to a portal, “I am very private about my personal life always and because I am a believer that even though public people are for public consumption, there is a part of their life which makes them human and makes them personal. And I definitely think it is no one’s business what a family decides to do and what happens within the 4 walls of their house.”

She is also the only one to point out the little one’s pout. “It is such a wonderful moment and it is such a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout. I am very excited for both Saif and Bebo. And the child is going to be a Prince and people need to focus on that,” she said.