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Salman Khan reveals his secrets to staying fit at 51

The actor's Being In Touch app offers an insight into the intense, but effective training regime for fitness. 

Shriram Iyengar

It is hard to ignore when Salman Khan decides to offer you fitness tips. On his 51st birthday, the actor decided to launch his Being In Touch app, that offers fans one-touch access to all of the star's virtual activities. Among the main features of the app is the workout schedule of Khan. 

Khan has always been a fitness enthusiast, often cycling through the streets of Bandra when he can't make it to the gym. It was his physical transformation in Ali Abbas Zafar's Sultan this year, that earned him the biggest praise and love of his fans. For those who were looking to find out how Khan managed to go from the overweight wrestler with a paunch to the fit, chiselled MMA star, the app has some tips. 

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According to the workout schedule, Khan divides his regime throughout the week without taking a day off. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are set for weight training, while Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are for abs and leg work. 

If you thought your Mondays were bad, Khan begins it with jumps, squat thrusts and push push-ups entire schedule includes dead lifts, bench presses through 6 sets. The alternate schedule looks to be working great, as the actor looks in the shape of his life. 

One unique aspect of Khan's workout schedule is the importance he places on cooling down. He ends each workout session with a cool down to prevent muscle damage and spasms. An important lesson every gym veteran follows, but every novice skips. Also, there are no off days for the gym buff. Sundays are spent working on his cardio to burn off the fat, and improve muscular flexibility. 

Well, now that the Being In Touch app has opened the option for users, time to plan the New Year resolutions according to Khan's fitness regime.