From workout schedules to job offers, Salman Khan offers fans a gift app on his birthday 

On his 51st birthday today (27 December), the actor launched the latest app, Being In Touch, that allows fans to interact with him online. 

Source: Screenshot of Being In Touch app

Shriram Iyengar

No matter what he does, Salman Khan does it with style. The actor rang in his 51st birthday with the launch of a new app to add to his Being Human chain. Called Being In Touch, the app allows fans to have a one touch system to access every move the actor makes online. With his massive following on social media, this seems to be a smart step by the actor. 

Divided into five sections, Being In Touch offers Khan's fans a one touch app to access all of his social media interactions. The app also offers users discounts and rebates to products by Salman Khan's Being Human foundation.

Of the many sections in the app, the most interesting are the Being Human Jobs and the About section. While the Being Human Jobs offers fans access to updated jobs available in the market, the About section is filled with information about the star himself. From workout details to his filmography and online games, it is the most interesting part of the app. No doubt about it, Bhai fans will be rushing to get some insider tips from the man who started the fitness fad in the industry. 

A well-known foodie, Khan opens up about his food habits in the app's About section. Listing his mother's hand cooked Yellow dal as his favourite dish, he adds that he sticks to simple food and a strict diet for his physique. For breakfast, the actor digs into four egg whites, some low-fat milk. His pre-workout diet includes a protein shake, two egg white, and the post-workout energy boost includes a protein bar, oats, almonds and three egg whites. And, we haven't even got to lunch yet! 

Another detailed section includes the workout regime followed by the actor, exclusively available for users of the app. Known for his dedication towards exercise, the actor has put up a timetable for his fans to follow. The app certainly has some benefit for anyone trying to set up a New Year resolution. For those short of inspiration, there are pictures and videos of the actor working up a sweat himself. 4

The app also has a 'fan wall' that tracks the number of users, and fans, across the world using the app. It offers them a chance to interact with other fans in the area and reach out to them. This is in addition to a number of online games available for users on the app. 

This is just another expansion of Salman Khan's favourite project, Being Human. The foundation has also tied up with Style Quotient Jewellery Pvt Ltd to launch a new range of fashion jewellery. It looks like the actor is reaching out to fans on the internet as a part of his new year's resolution. 

The Being In Touch app is available on Google Playstore