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Dr Shah Rukh Khan as Maulana Azad National University confers honour on actor

The actor was conferred with an honorary doctorate by the university for his contribution towards promotion of Urdu language and culture. 

Shriram Iyengar

Shah Rukh Khan was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Maulana Azad National University on Monday for his contribution to the Urdu language and culture. The actor has conferred the award, alongside Sanjiv Saraf, founder of the Rekhta Foundation, at the university premises in Hyderabad. 

At an event which saw a total of 2,885 graduate and post graduate students receive their MPhil and PhD degrees, Khan stressed on the importance of dedication in his speech. He advised students to listen to their heart, and follow it. 

"When you become a person of my age, or your parents' age or your teachers' age, somewhere that regret will be there that why I did not do that (as a career). I just want to tell every boy and girl that go where your heart is," the actor said. 

Speaking about his own upbringing, the actor said that he was thankful to receive the recognition in the city of his mother's birth. In a witty, charming speech, the actor doled out advice for the students gathered to hear him. They did not go home disappointed. 

He kicked off with a statement that might hit a little too close to his rivalry with Hrithik Roshan. On receiving the award, Khan said, "Main jaanta nahi main is honour ke kaabil hoon ya nahin, lekin aap ne de hi diya hai to main khush hoon" [I do not know if I am worthy of this honour or not, but since you have conferred it I am happy.] For fans, the words 'Kaabil hoon ya nahin' would strike home a reminder of his budding rivalry with Roshan. 

In his speech, the actor emphasised on the importance of diligence. He said, "He gave me a typewriter. You have to be very diligent in typing. When I learnt typing, I realised that practice makes you perfect. Whatever you do in life, do it with diligence as if it is the last chance to do it." 

This is not the first doctorate bestowed on the actor. Khan has already received honorary doctorates from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Bedfordshire. 

Meanwhile, Khan is set to appear in Rahul Dholakia's Raees in January next year. Till then, he might do well to sit back and enjoy the honours.