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Priyanka Chopra and IISuperwomanII Lilly Singh team up for a hilarious night out at 'Bottoms Up'

In her latest Christmas collaboration video, Singh teams up with Chopra to give a lesson on the worst ways to pick up a guy at a bar. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra's latest video with IISuperwomanII Lilly Singh is definitely one to bring in the festive cheer. Having declared herself to be a fan of the YouTube comedian, Chopra decided to jam it up by making a comic skit. This one certainly hits one for the 'wing women' of the world. The moment a drunk Chopra describes herself as a 'sad puppy', referring to Snapchat's puppy filter, with a neutered love life, the video touches new levels of hilarity.

The video begins with Singh showing how to be the best, or worst, wing woman to your girlfriend after her breakup. As Chopra wines and whines over her recent 'Snapchat' breakup, Singh promises to set her up with the first 'white boy' that walks into the bar. And boy, she does. Starting with her description of babies with a 'white boy' as little beige biscuits'.

The video is filled with some hilarious goof ups by the wing man/ wing woman/ wing person as she tries to set up her best friend. Things just keep going wrong till the point where the two realise why the bar is named Bottoms Up after all. 

If nothing, the video certainly makes up for the holiday angst felt by singles around the world, and by wingmen, wingwomen, persons who fail at their job. If you need some holiday cheering up, we recommend you watch this one. 

Well, if you are in the mood for more, there is a whole section of bloopers from the shoot that you might want to catch up on. In fact, it is funnier than the video itself. 

This is the last of Singh's Christmas videos. The YouTube comedy sensation often teams up with stars on the first day and the last day of Christmas to put up skits. Just 24 hours old, her video with Chopra has already got her 2 million views on the site. That is one way to go super on Christmas.