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Twinkle Khanna irks 'Bhai' fans by calling Salman Khan 'the oldest bachelor'

Twinkle Khanna earned the wrath of Salman Khan fans after she took a sly did at the star, but gave it as good as she got calling herself #TrollProof.

Source: Twitter/@mrsfunnybones

Our Correspondent

Twinkle Khanna just doesn't mince her words. Maybe it is the security of having Akshay Kumar to protect her, or just plain sass. The erstwhile actress took on a little more than she could chew when she took a dig at the industry's most eligible bachelor, Salman Khan. 

In her latest column in the Times of India, Khanna described Khan as 'India's oldest but most eligible bachelors'. Khan's impending, or rather speculated, marriage has been a topic of contention among the press. Khanna just took it to another level when she put up a matrimonial ad for the actor in her column. She described the actor as a 'Dashing, non-vegetarian, successful and muscular Khandani boy. Excellent in dance, drama and art.' However, the bite in the tail was her addition of his requirement of the girl. She wrote that the girl must be 'pretty, slim and enjoy long drives off the beaten path.' She even threw in the reference of the actor's intolerance for 'black bucks' for good measure. 

While Khan himself might have seen the humour in the description, his fans were in no mood to do so. Soon, Khanna's Twitter handle was inundated with trolls taking their 'bhai' love to a new level. From threatening to boycott Akshay Kumar's films to dragging her family into the equation, the trolls were merciless in their tweets.

But if the trolls thought threatening someone who titles herself Mrs Funnybones is the way to go, they were up for a challenge. True to her spunky nature, Khanna replied with a tweet saying: 

Just in case the point did not get across, she added an image of herself throttling Salman Khan from the film Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai (1998). 

Dear Twinkle Khanna, we doubt if Akshay Kumar really needs to protect you when you got such sharp wit.