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Amitabh Bachchan reminds Ranbir, Shahid about the perils of a break

In a round table conversation with CNN IBN's entertainment editor and critic, Rajeev Masand, the legendary actor shared stage with the gen-next of Shahid Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Diljit Dosanjh and Ranbir Kapoor, warning them against taking a break from work

Mayur Lookhar

Amitabh Bachchan sat down with the new generation of stars, and critic Rajeev Masand sharing his life experiences. The actors were a part of the The Actors Roundatable 2016 by the channel CNN IBN. 

Among the many topics the actors touched upon, one was the concept of taking a break from work. Amitabh Bachchan had admitted that taking a three year break in the 90s proved detrimental to his career. Masand pointed out that Ranbir Kapoor had once interviewed Bachchan, where they had discussed the issue about a break.

Masand posted an excerpt from the conversation with Bachchan reminding the young actors why an actor should never take a break from the profession. 

“Well that’s factual. Every one can’t be popular for the rest of their lives. You’d be replaced by a younger star. I think it’s very egoistic to decide that I’m taking a break for three years. It's the wrong kind of feeling to have. Every day you learn something in front of the camera. To just take a break for three years and come back and assume that you are going to be in the same position is a fallacy. You will never like that.”

When asked whether he was surprised (by the lukewarm response to his comeback) Bachchan said,  “No. I was hearing and seeing what was happening. Then when I made some attempts to do some movies, they didn’t work. The whole equation changes, the crowd is not attracted to you, the people don’t look at you the same way as they used to before. You can go to a restaurant and cause mayhem, and you can enter again and nobody looks at you. So, you go through that phase. “

Bachchan added that he didn’t find it frustrating, but he knew that this was bound to happen and needed to be accepted. The actor backed his point by underlining (perhaps joking) how he walked inside the studio with Ranbir Kapoor, who evoked the maximum cheers by people around. 

Masand posed the fear of insecurity question to the young actors, and each of them came up with intriguing answers.Shahid Kapoor said, "I think it is a reality that you live with. To address it as a fear would pretty much be addressing the truth as fear. You to have accept it and learn to focus on the craft and improve upon your self... and not allow outside perception to define your own perception of yourself. An actor is driven by his belief in himself. If you can’t trust yourself, then I think that (insecurity) shows. There has to be a certain honesty and focussing on the process. The results will never be what you expect. So, why focus on them?.”

While Ranbir Kapoor had a different view point. He said, “For me, I’m still in a growing phase as an actor, as a person. So, I haven’t reached that acceptance stage that Amit uncle is talking about that tomorrow it (fame) is not going to be there, I won’t have the opportunities tomorrow, someone better will take my place. I think it will also make me a little too content. “

Diljit Dosanjh, who shot to fame with his maiden Hindi film Udta Punjab, added, “It’s the rule of nature. If one star doesn’t make a mistake, then how will a rising star emerge?"

Sushant Singh Rajput, who delivered his first blockbuster this year with MS Dhoni: The Untold Story differed slightly from Dosanjh's view. Rajput said, "I don’t think it is our (gen next) fault because we are so heavily conditioned that one day you will earn money, and there’ll be recognition when you’re successful. I’m not saying that this seduction of fame is completely absent, but you are not looking forward to it most of the time. Persoanlly speaking, I get insecure every time people say that this was a good shot or a good performance, because I don’t  know how it happened. So, I’m not in control. Knowing or understanding the absence of control is what gives me this insecurity.”

“I think you realise as you spend more time in this medium and may be it’s true for many, this (medium) is driven by success and not excellence. And nobody knows what success is and how to get it?.” added Shahid Kapoor. 

Watch the excerpt from The Actors Round table below. The episode airs tonight (24 December) at 6.00 pm on CNNNnews18.