Here’s why Shah Rukh Khan feels none of his performances deserve National Award 

The actor is thankful for the loads of awards he has won.

Keyur Seta

Shah Rukh Khan is an ideal example of a rags-to-riches story. From an ordinary Delhi boy to one of the biggest superstars of the world, his life story appears like the ones we seen in films or read in fiction novels. 

The actor has also been someone with a maximum number of awards. In fact, people born in the previous generation have grown up watching him climb the stage and receive an award numerous times. However, there is one thing that the actor hasn’t achieved yet in his illustrious career. He has never won a National Award. 

In a recent conversation at an event, Khan spoke about this at length. He said, “I come from a place where audience and jury and filmmakers have been very kind due to which I won lots of awards. For me, to sit back and say I could have won for that film would be demeaning any award. If I didn’t get it, I didn’t deserve it. It’s as simple as that.”

He surprised everyone by stating that none of his acts have deserved a National Award. “So I don’t think there is any performance of mine till date which could have or should have got National Award. I don’t perform according to winning an award. I just hope something turns out well. The one I will get it for Inshallah if I keep working hard, it will be the one I deserve! If I haven’t got the award, I don’t think I deserved it.”

Khan had come close to winning the coveted National Award for his performance in Ashutosh Gowariker's Swades (2004). The award eventually went to his friend Saif Ali Khan for Hum Tum (2004). It remains the most controversial choice by a National Award jury till date.