Hansal Mehta on Befikre being cleared by CBFC: It has become a joke

The director, whose films often get into trouble with CBFC, dished on Aditya Chopra's recent film finding a smooth release.


Director Hansal Mehta says Kangana Ranaut, who features in his new movie Simran, is like "sone pe suhaaga" because apart from being a star she is a "fine actress".

"Kangana is a fantastic artiste, a wonderful actor and we had a great time. She is very fine actress in addition to being a star. She is like 'sone pe suhaaga' -- a wonderful actress and a very big star too," Mehta said here on the sidelines of the Stardust Awards on Monday night.

Simran recently completed its US schedule.

Mehta, known for making films like Aligarh and Shahid - delving into controversial and socially relevant subjects - keeps locking horns with the censor board over the release of his films. He calls it a never ending tussle.

"This is never ending. What's the point of complaining when nothing is going to change? I think we have to find a way through this," he said.

Asked how Befikre was released without any trouble by the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification), while Aligarh faced issues, Mehta commented, "Why should you be surprised? Now it has become a joke."

His film Simran will release on 15 September, 2017.