Here's why Jagga Jasoos reminds us of Tintin and Barfi!

The latest trailer from Anurag Basu's Jagga Jasoos featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif has snippets that remind you of the iconic comic book, Tintin, and Basu's very own Barfi!

Shriram Iyengar

The first trailer of Jagga Jasoos is out, and is quite adorable. With Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, Anurag Basu has created a beautiful collage of their adventures across the world. With some vibrant colours, stunning cinematography, tanks, planes and animals to boot, Jagga Jasoos looks well worth the delay of 2 years. Yet, there is something very familiar about Basu's film. 

A young boy who loses his father at an early age, Kapoor reportedly plays a prodigal genius with deductive skills to rival Sherlock Holmes. In the search for his father's killer, he bumps into Kaif and the adventure begins. From the first look, Basu's hero seems to take his inspiration from Herge's intrepid journalist, Tintin. Like Jagga Jasoos, Tintin has a penchant for adventure, mystery, and a really prominent quiff. 

Ranbir Kapoor as Jagga Jasoos has the same hairdo as Herge's Tintin

The similarities don't end there. Jagga Jasoos' trailer clearly has the touch of the same period as Tintin's adventures. One particular scene of Kapoor and Kaif in a biplane is very similar to a scene from the recent animated film, The Adventures of Tintin: The Search for the Unicorn. 

The plane in Tintin (left) and in Jagga Jasoos (right)

 Basu takes it further with scenes like Kapoor ziplining through narrow buildings in a replica of another scene. 

The scene from Tintin and Jagga Jasoos (right)

Tintin is not the only hero that Jagga Jasoos seems to emulate. The film also has shades of Basu's earlier hit with Kapoor, Barfi! (2012). Apart from Kapoor, both films seem to borrow heavily from the theme of childish adventure. Basu's hand is clearly visible in the shades and tints present in the visuals, but it is the symbolism that makes a heavier impact. The scene of Kapoor and Kaif frolicking in a lush green farm, beside the canal is a direct take from the adorable sequence between Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in Barfi!.

Basu brings a similar feel from Barfi! (right) back into Jagga Jasoos' trailer (left)

Another familiar Barfi! touch is the glimpse of the hostel which houses Kapoor's Jagga Jasoos. The dormitory seems to be the same one which featured in Barfi!, with the windows, in particular, reminding the audience of that touching scene when Kapoor runs back to find Chopra. 

Jagga Jasoos (left) and Barfi! (right) 

Then, there are the usual comic chases including the rides on ostriches, Ranbir Kapoor pulling off Chaplinesque tricks on imaginary typewriters, and Kaif looking very pretty in a Bihu dance. Just when you are too engrossed in the trailer, Basu throws in another nostalgic Easter egg in this scene. Take a look. 

The train seems to be an important part of both Barfi! (left) and Jagga Jasoos (right)

Remember this scene from Barfi! where Kapoor and Chopra are headed towards a railway track. Now take a look at the snapshot on the right from Jagga Jasoos. Of course, it is not just the visuals that Basu has played on. Even the music in the trailer has a very familiar touch. Composed by Pritam, who also worked on Barfi! (point to be noted), the trailer has a very light, comical theme which reminds us of... you guessed it, Barfi!

But then, what's an auteur without his signature. Like Hitchcock's frame looming large, Basu's work carries some of his signature elements. Even as the trailer comes to a close, you have a very cute scene of Jagga trying to snuggle with Kaif, which is a direct take from the last scene of Barfi!. Both scenes have the camera focusing on the characters from a top angle, with low lighting and bluish hues in the frame. 

Anurag Basu seems to draw heavily from his own film Barfi (left) in Jagga Jasoos' trailer (right)

 Well done, Mr Basu. Well done!