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Is Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil inspired by Netflix's Daredevil?

In a surprise move, American multinational entertainment company accuses Kaabil makers of plagiarism.

Mayur Lookhar

The Kaabil v/s Raees battle has taken a turn for the worse, at least for the makers of Kaabil, with Netflix, American multinational entertainment company, contemplating suing Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Gupta for alleged plagiarism.

According to Netflix, it finds a few glaring similarities between the promos of Kaabil and its original production Daredevil.  Apart from having a blind protagonists, Netflix finds the action sequence in the Kaabil promo similar to that of Daredevil. Lastly, it finds the colour scheme of the two productions alike too.

Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta was quick to rubbish all such allegations. 

“It's a preposterous comparison because Hrithik (Roshan) is not a superhero in Kaabil. His character is of a blind man who does what he does best. In Daredevil, the protagonist fights 30 people at the same time. None of that is happening in Kaabil. If they sue us, we will definitely fight back,” Gupta told Mumbai Mirror.

Well, while the two protagonists are blind, Daredevi and Kaabil are competently different stories. The former is a super hero series, while the latter is a revenge drama. Being blind, the two characters are bound to use a walking stick.

It must be noted that this plagiarism allegation, comes few days after Netflix struck a deal with Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment for Raees. However, Gupta is no stranger to taking inspiration. His earlier films likes Kaante (2002) was inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s crime drama Reservoir Dogs (1992). Similarly, Gupta’s Zinda (2006) was inspired by Korean film Oldboy (2003).