OK Jaanu's 'The Humma Song' is old wine in new bottle 

OK Jaanu's much-awaited The Humma Song sees Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor enjoy sizzling chemistry, but lacks the punch and pizzazz of its original number. 

Shriram Iyengar

Never touch a classic, they say. AR Rahman is not one to tread the safe path as the newly released remix of 'Humma Humma' for Shaad Ali's OK Jaanu shows. The Academy Award winner has reworked his own composition from Bombay to create a slow, seductive and eminently hummable song for Ali's new film, OK Jaanu. 

Although the song has been upgraded with some funky rhythms and a rap track by Badshah, it fails to deliver any standout element that sets it apart from the classic. The only notable change is the slow pace of the song, which takes time to grow on the listener. Jubin Nautiyal and Shasha Tripathy add a certain sensuousness to the vocals of the track. It does not have the same brazenness as Remo Fernandes in the original, and feels like a sobering of a song that was iconic for the noughties. Badshah's track adds a bit of necessary spunk to the track. 

As far as the visual element goes, Kapur and Kapoor manage to bring in the seduction and romance necessary for the song. With some sizzling chemistry and serious dance moves, the two look like an apt fit for the slow burning percussions in the track. Rahman's pedigree and class is never in question, but the new Humma song is more of a Ho Hum-a.

OK Jaanu is expected to be released in theatres on 13 January 2017.