Birthday special: Rajinikanth and his iconic poses in GIFs

On his 66th birthday today (12 December), we take a look at some iconic poses in the superstar's films.

Mayur Lookhar

The phenomenon called Rajinikanth is best not described, because any attempt would be a massive failure. For a man likened to God by his audiences, Rajinikanth's charisma remains unparalleled. Jokes, Internet memes, spoofs and trolling are part of this fandom. Rajinikanth acknowledges the fun people have at his cost, without complaints. As the superstar enters his 66th year, we take a look at some unforgettable scenes from his films.

1) Quick gun Murugun?


2) Disclaimer: “Rajinikanth is injurious to health”


3) The penny shot

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4) Rajinikanth beat Sher Khan, not Mowgli


5) When Rajinikanth winked, Cupid fell in love

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6) This is how Rajinikanth clears a bottleneck


7) Who brought out the basic instinct in Sharon Stone?


8) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is Rajinikanth's happy feet

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